Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Light swords for Ubiquity

Light swords are a sci-fi staple. I'm going to try  my best to do them justice in Ubiquity. I'm going to try to balance their deadlines, the danger of using one, yet keep it all simple and elegant like the rest of Ubiquity's rules.

Light sword
Damage: 8L
Str: 0
Diff: 5-6
Wt. 2lbs

Light swords ignore armor ratings when calculating defense. Natural defense only.
Only select materials can block a light sword, ignore weapon rating when blocking or parrying. Any material not able to stop a light sword used to block or parry is destroyed if used.

When using a light sword to attack if more failures are rolled than successes the attack may still succeed, but the attacker takes damage equal to the number of misses. If an attack with a light sword ever rolls all failures the full damage of the weapon effects the attacker.
I know this is a lot for a "simple" conversion. But I think at the table it should still play out fairly quickly.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cybernetics (Ubiquity) Quantum black

I've really come to like the Ubiquity system. I picked up Hollow earth Expedition, Desolation, League of Adventure, League of Gothic horror, and Quantum black. I feel like it's a quick and fun system.

I've been looking over the system to use it in other settings. With Cyberpunk being near and dear to my heart, I've been looking over Quantum black for use with Cyberpunk.

The more I read over talents the more I feel like they would work for cybernetic enhancements.

Tactical targeting system: Accuracy
Tactical targeting system 2: Long shot
Reflex enhancement: Agile
Tactical perception system: Alertness
Perception enhancement: Blind fighting.
Climbing Spikes: Climb
Neuro enhancement: Intelligent
Shock prevention resistor: iron jaw
Sense enhancement (any): keen sense
Blades,claws, reinforced: lethal blow
Move by wire limited: kip up, Quick draw
Move by wire: mobile attack
Move by wire 2: Quick reflexes
Medtech Nanites: Quick healer

And of course there are a few Cyberpunk classics that don't fit directly even though talents might have the same effect. Here are a few others.

Bonelace: natural Defense +2
Bonelace 2: natural Defense +3
Bone lace and plate: Defense +4
Neuro-interface "jack" for direct system interface.

The major advantages to cybernetics is they ignore prerequisites and restrictions of talents.

Monday, November 13, 2017

GM musings, UA GreyHawk initiative

The Unearthed arcana article on the grayhawk style initiative system has been out a while. I've had time to let it roll around in my head. I think it's an interesting idea, I'm not totally against using it....but I'm not totally sold on it.

I think what really bothers me about it is lowest going first. It feels so counter intuitive. All of 5E is roll high. Maybe if I used it regularly I would I would get us to it.

My only analogy for how rolling low for initiative feels to me is if I was driving, and at every intersection there was a roundabout, and in roundabouts you drove in the opposite side of the road. You drive on the same side before the roundabout, same side after, but while in it, you drive in the opposite direction in the opposite lane.

After a lot of mulling it over I came up with what for me feels much more organic to 5E. Everyone rolls a D10 (D20 if you like but I feel d10 makes the bonuses more meaningful) highest roll goes first.

Ranged weapons, including bows, wands, cantrips and any other ranged fast attacks get a +6. Melee attack, fisticuffs, Molly whopping of any kind gets a +3. Spell casting is just a standard roll.

As a totally optional rule, for  this totally optional rule: If player chooses to move after their action, no matter if the choose to shoot, Molly whop, or cast add +2. Moving before the action doesn't give a bonus or penalty.

What I like about this is it can be recorded on the character sheet. Add bonus for type + Dex adj.(if you choose to keep Dex bonus)= Initiative bonus. Long sword with a +2 Dex adj.? Then +5 to initiative.